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Content marketing is one of the most valuable tools brands have to communicate with their audiences. Done strategically, brands can publish compelling messaging that draws the attention of their target consumers. Whether through images, infographics, webpages, videos, blogs or newsletters, marketers have an opportunity to deliver relevant information that resonates with the people they’re trying to reach.

Effective content marketing can also be a powerful way to meet strategic goals, such as boosting conversions, increasing brand awareness, building strong customer relationships and ultimately, improving the bottom line. No matter what type of content a marketer is creating, they should focus on four key characteristics today to drive compelling messaging that meets business goals.

1. Build Strong Credibility

Establishing credibility is pivotal to how your core audience views and trusts your content. As a content marketer, it’s important to build a trusted reputation by establishing yourself as an expert in the topic you’re writing about. The audience must see you as a thought leader in your specific field.

One way to build credibility is to leverage reliable data, either from the company’s own research or a respectable outside source, to reinforce what you're communicating. People find content with relevant sources and hard numbers supporting the message more credible. Of course, the data source must be reliable as well, coming from an original and respected survey or study that doesn’t have the audience questioning its validity.

Visually appealing content, including graphics, infographics, drawings and charts, can help make messaging clear and concise. This adds authenticity to a brand’s voice while drawing the consumer in, making the article easier to digest with strong visual cues to guide the reader. Content marketers know this well, with 74% of marketers stating that more than 70% of their content contained some form of a visual element according to Venngage.

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Localized content is a personalization approach that considers the area in which certain segments of a brand’s audience live. Personalization on a local or regional level allows marketers to push out content that is optimized to each audience’s location. For example, an activewear brand can send localized email campaigns based on the weather and seasonality of a given location.

Whether through segmented email campaigns or industry-specific ebooks, there are plenty of ways to distribute personalized content that makes a positive impression on customers.

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Road to Content Marketing Success

Content marketing is so important to reaching an online audience, which is why brands must incorporate the above strategies to increase conversions and win measurable results. By paying attention to these key essentials, content marketers can deliver profitable results that win over customers.